Whirligig Bug

The Blogger

I'm a mom, graphic designer, and former owner of a 1966 Volkswagen Beetle. I married a part time drag racer in 2008, and reside in the lower peninsula of Michigan, sometimes with blonde hair, sometimes with brown. My husband will tell you I talk a lot, but I disagree. I love to cook and bake but struggle because I married a man who will not eat vegetables (with the exception of corn, white potatoes and cucumbers).

The (Former) VW Owner and Lifetime Bug Lover

I previously owned a 1966 Volkswagen Beetle. I received the car as a Christmas gift in 2007 and there was a diamond ring on the key chain. My now husband asked me to start the car, to which I replied, "I don't have the keys" and when he handed them to me I saw the ring. It wasn't a show-quality car, It was a "good 20 footer" as my father-in-law said. My husband quickly learned the ins and outs of an air cooled vehicle and had lots of plans to update and replace parts, and he did. Then we decided to reproduce, and the car sat for two years in our garage, seeing sunlight twice in those two years, when he took it out on the road. I never learned how to drive the stick by myself and there was no way a car seat was going to fit in the back, so I told him to sell it (sniff sniff). We sold it to the PERFECT couple! He graduated in 1966 and she graduated in 1969 and they both always wanted a bug. (Apparently the car was a 66 body with a 69 floor or something like that.) I'll get another one, in a little better shape, and I will learn how to drive it on my own and I will teach my kids to drive it, too!

The Racer's Wife

Yes, my husband has a small obsession with automobiles. Besides working in the auto industry, he loves to work on cars. Him and his dad drag race a 1972 Gremlin and a 2002 Dodge Dakota, a "small" hobby I tell everyone. My role is frequently food preparation, menu planning, dog walking, and support when the car breaks or when the light goes red.

Contacting Me

If you wish to contact me, don't hesitate to shoot me an email at whirligigbug@gmail.com